Better stretching, eating, sleeping and moving is better than ‘the cure’

02-Oct-2020 By Inside Golf
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By Patricia Maris, Golfness Strategist

There are many benefits that players can derive from golf. Apart from the joy of the game, the beauty of the courses and spending time in the glory of nature, this ancient game provides players with many hidden health benefits.

But are we doing it right?

According to statistics, more than 80% of golfers will experience an injury annually. As a wellness strategist, I see people with health issues all the time and the one question I keep on asking myself is: “Why is it that we seem to only realise the importance of health after losing it… and are some of these injuries preventable?”

On the golf course or at the range, you need to be on top of your game to be able to perform at your peak. So, after years of seeing friends, relationships and clients suffering from high blood pressure, mental disorders, joint inflammation and the frustrations of not seeing their handicap go down due to these, I learned that it’s all about balance. This is why I created the e7golfness retreats: a program that consists of seven modules to bring together your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing so that you can master the game.

Golfness will take you on a journey to discover the importance of your wellbeing to improve your performance, not only on the course but in life as well. The general attitude towards life is accepting that taking medication to control your state of mind, diabetes, HBP, or joint inflammation is ‘normal’. And that just because most people experience it, it means that you do too.

Let e7golfness show you that regular pain and medication does not have to be your reality. Let e7golfness teach you how to reach your true potential. E7G will give you back the power to help you identify and change your habits to find your balance; to achieve Health, success and to improve your handicap.

Health is your greatest asset, and being conditioned to think and accept that mental, physical, emotional and spiritual suffering is a part of life should not be part of our culture!

Get curious about life and your

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