Andrew Duffin

Andrew Duffin

Assistant PGA Professional


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Andrew has been a golf professional for over a decade, playing competitively on the Australasian
Tour/Korean Tour and more recently as assistant professional at Oxley Golf Club in Brisbane.
Andrew is a certified PGA golf professional.
Drawing his knowledge from his own experience, golf mentors, industry professionals and coaching
forums, Andrew's teaching philosophy focuses on simplicity and keeping the enjoyment in the game,
providing help for all golfers no matter what their skill level may be.
Call 07 3379 6322 to book a lesson with Andrew

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"My belief is that every good golf swing starts with a strong athletic set up. Therefore I concentrate with setup as our first port of call in all my lessons. Grip, alignment, stance, ball position and posture all contribute to a more powerful and well balanced golf swing. I also like to take players on to the golf course to get inside your head and see what decisions you make in certain situations. Better course management will lead to a dramatic improvement in lowering your scores and being a more consistent golfer. Bookings essential."