Scott Davis

Scott Davis

PGA Teaching Professional

Moore Park Golf

Corner Anzac Parade & Cleveland St

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Scott's golfing journey started when he became the Australian Trainee Champion in 1988. Upon completion of his golf traineeship a year later, Scott spent the following 6 years as a Touring Professional playing on the Australian, Asian, Canadian and Swedish tours. After his retirement, Scott directed his focus to golf tuition and developed a passion and love for helping friends and clients enjoy the game. Scott's own professional development came through teaching whilst travelling the world and working alongside renowned professionals such as Randy Henry, Jim McLean, Ben Doyle, Paul Hart, Lawrie Montague, and his own personal mentor Gary Barter.

Scott has now been an Australian PGA member for 25 years and is certified with extensive national and international experience. As program director at some of the best facilities in New South Wales, Scott now uses this expertise to assist individuals from complete beginners who want to develop into competitive players to working with more progressed golfers on key skill sets required to pursue a professional career in golf.

Recent success profiles Scott has helped include Adam Stephens who is a Canadian PGA Tour and Australian PGA Tour winner, Brendan Jones who has won multiple titles on the Japanese PGA Tour, Nathan Green a PGA Tour winner and Michelle Ellis who is a Ladies Australian Amateur Champion.

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"First and foremost it is important for my clients to have fun and enjoy the game of golf. Whether it's teaching a beginner, a club golfer, an elite amateur or a tournament professional winner, I guide and caretaker them through their golfing journey. I always start at the point of impact and work backwards, until impact is understood golf can be frustrating and confusing, I believe in three golfing essentials: 1. A steady head 2. Balance 3. Rhythm I develop an individual plan for every client based on what the client predominantly wants to achieve and deliver a five step plan that looks similar to this: 1. Create a single predominant ball flight 2. Create a workable dispersion shot pattern. 3. Aiming classes focusing on dispersion shot pattern. 4. Chipping classes to a reasonable proximity of the hole to eliminate extra putt strokes. 5. Game management. When the client finishes their first lesson with me, I give them an evaluation on their game explaining why the ball goes where it does, so they have a greater understanding."

Favourite Swing

"Robert Rock's golf swing is based on these principles; simple, efficient, repeatable, centred and balanced. Robert lets the club swing away with a good combination of arm and body pivot at the top of the golf swing, this is where a lot of great golf swings stand out, he has a flat left wrist keeping the club face matched to his rotation of his body."

Top Tip

"Exactly what Robert demonstrates in his swing, at the top of your swing, make sure you have a flat left wrist and a square club face to match"

Favourite Quote

"Enjoy your great journey in the game of golf. It will challenge you, test your patience, at times you will want to give in, then out of the blue, everything comes together and you feel on top of the world. That's Golf!"


  • Top 50 Australian Golf Coach

  • Australian PGA member 25 years - ACE Certified (Coaching)

  • Sydney Golf Academy 2012 - Present

  • Head Coach - Sydney Olympic Park 2002 - 2012

  • New South Wales Institute of Sport golf coach 1997

  • Head instructor at Jack Nicklaus Golf School 1997 - 1999

  • Australian Trainee Champion (1988)


  • Game evaluation
  • 30 minute lessons
  • 60 minute lessons
  • On-course playing lessons
  • Full day golf school
  • Short game lessons
  • Chipping program
  • Pitching program
  • Bunkers
  • Putting
  • Aim point
  • Short Game Master Class
  • Custom lesson programs
  • Corporate golf days