Sean Dwyer

Sean Dwyer


Victoria Park Golf Complex

309 Herston Road

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Head Golf Professional
Brand ambassador for PING

Sean is passionate about helping coach people to play better golf. The real reward in golf, according to Sean, is the challenge to be the best that you can be, and the journey you take to get there.
Through his research and interaction with great coaches, physios, biomechanics and players from around the world, Sean has come to the conclusion that every golfer has their own unique golf swing.

With the help of high speed video equipment, Flight scope (launch monitor),K-vest, Balance Lab and Sam Putt-Lab along with his passion and vast knowledge for the game, Sean will deliver expert advice to help you improve your golf swing.

Whether you are a beginner, fine tuning your swing for the next tournament, improving your course averages, or just simply looking for a refresher lesson, Sean is here to provide you with the knowledge and drills to help you achieve your goals. He has the gift and the ability to be able to take a complex subject and communicate it as simply as possible to each and every student regardless of age or learning style.

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  • Game evaluation
  • 30 minute lessons
  • 60 minute lessons
  • Putting
  • Custom lesson programs
  • Ladies
  • Juniors
  • Club Fitting


  • Video Lessons
  • Flighscope
  • PuttLab
  • Trackman
  • SAM Balance Lab
  • SAM Putt Lab
  • K-vest