European Golf Design ~~ sets out commitment to a net zero future


European Golf Design - Commits to Net Zero Future

From European Tour News, 4/11/2021:

With the future of the planet being discussed at COP26 in Glasgow this week, our golf course design business, European Golf Design (EGD), has announced today that it aims to become a carbon neutral design company.

This forms part of the Tour’s Green Drive initiative that was launched earlier this year on World Environment Day, where we set out a vision to become a leader in social and environmental responsibility.

With support from the GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf - the non-profit organisation dedicated to accelerating sustainability in and through golf around the world – EGD will track and measure its carbon footprint across all areas of business operations, reduce emissions where possible and mitigate where necessary by credibly offsetting all unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions.

All carbon calculations are in line with the UN Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Standard, and offsetting will be carried out using GEO’s Sustainable Golf Climate Initiative – ensuring offsets are accredited by The Gold Standard and deliver additional contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

European Golf Design designed the first new development in the world to be recognised with the GEO Certified Development status and has projects throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Caribbean and Asia.  Full article here

Global Media Strategic Framework on Climate Action


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