"Give Golf the Green Light!" ~ From the Irish Golfer


Golf Should be Given the Green Light to Re-Open!

By John Shortt from The Irish Golfer, 15th Feb 2021

"Let’s get things moving, take some of the people away from the packed local amenities and put them into places where they get more exercise, in a safer environment." 

"For us golfers, like everyone else, it’s been a pretty terrible time thus far and I for one have found this latest lockdown particularly tough.  Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s the mixed messaging from Government or maybe it’s the overall lack of confidence that what we’re being asked to do isn’t exactly working. Perhaps it’s all of the above?

"But what do I mean by tough?  Well, it’s been tough on mental health for sure. The lack of contact with golf friends upon which many of us rely has left us feeling lonely, vulnerable and exacerbates what is already a difficult time. 

"Golf for many is the only outlet we have and it is by far the safest one available to us."  

"You only have to go for a walk inside your 5k limits any time of any day to see what I mean. You’ll end up walking on the road to avoid bumping into people, and God forbid you try and walk in a park!  Golf by comparison has up to four people in a 400m space with pre-booked tee times all of which is lying unused as things stand.

"It’s also been tough to take that Scotland, with a greater population than Ireland, has left golf open. Maybe there’s something we can learn from them in this regard?"    Read the full article here.

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