Golfing Greener: Innovative Golf Clothing Lines and Materials

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Golfing Greener:  Golf Clothing Lines and Materials for the 21st Century

When Bubba Watson discovered the Linksoul line of golf clothing he was so taken with it that he approached the company about going into partnership with them.  And, he did.

"I bought some products to test before I reached out to them. When you believe a product is going to help you perform and make you comfortable in many different situations, you’re going to feel better about that product. I reached out to Linksoul because I believed in their products.”   

Linksoul is one of several golf apparel companies which are now using a range of 'greener' materials in their products. One of those materials is bamboo, and Linksoul offer a line of bamboo stretch pants.  Another apparel company using bamboo is Tasc Performance, who use a 45%+ mix of bamboo and cotton or other fabric.

When you think of tough, woody or fibrous bamboo as used in furniture, for example, it may seem an unlikely source of clothing comfort. However when mixed with specific chemicals and processed and treated in certain ways the cellulose becomes a workable, durable and most importantly, comfortable fabric in activewear.

The textile made from bamboo is more absorbent than cotton and it has natural anti-microbial properties which reduce some of the effects of heavy perspiration. From a sustainability perspective, bamboo needs less water than cotton does, while it is growing. 

There have been some concerns about the chemicals used to break down the bamboo cellulose and to turn it into cloth.  However, companies are beginning to address these by improving the process and the ingredients, so that any negative effects on the wider environment are reduced to a minimum.  The Tasc Company,  for example, now states that its newer process results in "a fabric that feels better than cotton and performs without chemical enhancements."

Other products are also being used in new lines of apparel.  These include hemp, various woollen blends, and textiles made entirely from recycled materials.  

Some background at GolfPass.

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