Harris English - Winning Round Highlights at TOC


At the Tournament of Champions 2021 it became apparent early on that Harris English was not only playing like a winner, he was also appreciating his time at Kapalua. Just being there and being able to compete in the Tournament seemed like a win in itself.  

During 2020 many PGA Tour events were canceled due to the pandemic and many Tour players missed out on the chance to compete. To compensate, they were invited to attend the 2021 TOC regardless of whether or not they had won an event during the year.  Harris English was one of those newly eligible players.

He was overjoyed to win the Tournament.  

“All the hard work that has gone into this, all the highs and lows of golf that it brings over a career and I feel like I’ve gotten out of my valley and getting back to the tournaments and some of the quality of golf that I know I can play.

"It feels great to have some validation out there on the golf course.”

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