How are UK golf courses managing in the extreme heat of 2022?


How are UK golf courses managing the extreme heat?

From Golf Monthly, by Matt Cradock:

Summer in Britain always seems to cause problems on and off the course, with the soaring temperatures and lack of rain meaning restrictions are being put in place to get through the abnormal weather conditions.

Such is the heatwave that the UK is going through now, some courses have adapted their opening and working times, with some golf clubs closing altogether because the high temperatures are a health and safety hazard to the staff and members. 

The most affected individuals though are the greenkeepers who, during not just this summer period, but also through winter, are struggling to keep the course in prime condition as the weather continues to play havoc.

Speaking to a local greenkeeper, he listed just some of the problems that he is facing during the summer months. "To start, there is the lack of water because of the huge amounts of evaporation from the lakes and grounds at the moment," he explains. 

"Managing what we have left in the lakes is a nightmare, especially to keep the greens going."  Read more

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