Jon Rahm Arrives at Augusta - The Final Player


Jon Rahm Arrives at Augusta, the final player in the 2021 Masters

As the final player arrived at Augusta he was met by a crowd of media reps, so that while he gave this interview (video above) his car was still being parked. He had not yet had a chance to check out the course conditions, let alone to practice.

Jon Rahm is a tad weary ("sleep deprived"), but also thankful and happy that his wife and his son are both healthy and "doing great".  

A beautiful new snap of Kelley and Kepa is on Rahm's instagram here.

From Golfweek:

“For so long I didn’t think I was going to be able to be here,” he said. “I thought I was just going to have to get the ticket back home (during the Masters), so I’m happy that she’s healthy. I’m happy that he is healthy. I’m grateful that they’re both doing great, and I’m really happy I can be here rested and ready to compete.”

Rahm, 26, didn’t arrive on site until Wednesday morning, jumping out of a car in front of the clubhouse and meeting with the media before he even registered for the tournament. Rahm was peppered with questions in both English and Spanish and answered with a new-found sense of calm.  Read more

From Kansas City:  (How does he feel about playing at Augusta this year?)

Most players have been at Augusta since Sunday or Monday at the latest. Many have found their way to the course in recent weeks for practice rounds. Rahm hasn’t, but he wondered if being in a different mindset could work to his advantage.

He said he's never been this happy. That can’t hurt.

“Maybe haven’t prepared as much as I have in the past, but definitely mentally in a different state, right?” Rahm said. “A lot of times practicing for a major, you spend so much time thinking about golf, and for four or five days, it wasn’t even on my mind — which is kind of refreshing.” 

...“I mean, the course hasn’t changed,” Rahm said. “I might need to spend a little bit of extra time today hitting lag putts and hitting some chips because the last time we played here it was a little softer and slower, but tee to green it doesn’t really change much. Luckily, I’ve played here before, and I always have a good vibe when I come here.”

From Straits Times:

Rahm, 26, has had three consecutive top-10 Masters finishes, his best a fourth place in 2018, and has been at par or better in his past 11 rounds at Augusta National.  He also has been in the top 10 in seven of his past nine US PGA starts.

.."Coming here later than usual, but I'm here ready to compete. I wouldn't be here otherwise."  Read more

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