Letter to UK PM: Golf can open safely & is beneficial

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An Open Letter to the UK PM  

Jeremy Tomlinson, CEO of England Golf, has written an open letter to UK PM Boris Johnson recommending that golf be included in the first phase of recovery after Lockdown. 

From the letter, dated 15th Feb 2021:

"I truly believe our great game of golf is exceptionally well placed to play a positive role in this first phase of recovery and should be given that opportunity by government."

"England Golf has been clear from the start - golf is a sport played safely in the open air with social distancing part and parcel of every round. With the introduction of our Play Safe, Stay Safe protocols after the first lockdown, we made our sport even more secure."

"For in excess of two million golfers in England, the mental and physical health benefits of playing our sport can be clearly documented. This isn’t anecdotal, this is based on solid scientific data.

"The fact that these benefits can be enjoyed without presenting any undue risk to wider public health is hugely significant and this point has been stressed again in recent correspondence with government."

The full letter can be read on the England Golf website at this link.

PM Johnson has said he plans to launch his "roadmap" for easing England's lockdown on February 22.  

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