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Published: 12-Jun-2018      Updated: 01-Aug-2018
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The video above is the USGA livestream of the US Open. 
Tiger Woods Shares his thoughts on the 2018 US Open in the video below.

This year, the tournament has been incredibly popular with golf fans pouring in continually.  Some tickets have already sold out completely. These include the Thursday-to-Sunday packs.  Prices for re-sold tickets, where they can be found, are rising rapidly. According to Newsday, prices for resales are now 60 percent higher than they were last year, at more than US $300 for each of the weekend days. The USGA set a limit of 35,000 tickets a day. Some walk-in tickets may be available on the day, but there are no guarantees.

Notes on the US Open:

* The first US Open Championship was held in 1895, by the then newly formed USGA.

* In 2018 the tournament is being held for the 118th time. 

* The first US Open was held on a nine hole course in Newport.

* The US Open field is 156 players.

* Rory McIlroy's 16-under 268 in 2011 is the 72 hole scoring record.

* The youngest player to compete was 14 year old Andy Zhang from China in 2012.

* In 2000, Tiger Woods won the US Open by 15 shots.  This is the greatest margin of victory for any major.

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