Lost Alister MacKenzie-designed golf course uncovered during lockdown, in Wales

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Lost Alister MacKenzie-designed golf course uncovered during lockdown

Chris Powell "always knew it was there".  However it was only when the lockdowns gifted him time on his hands that he could get into clearing it up.

This remarkable story from the BBC:

"I'd always known about it - I came up as a kid on my pony and I'd seen a couple of the old greens, but didn't really know where many of them were," [Chris Powell] said.

"Over the last year, I've probably spent the best part of 1,000 hours up here, either playing or cutting or doing something.

"I came up most evenings in the summer. We were locked down and there was nothing else to do, so I came up and I usually have one club, one ball and a sickle for cutting the bracken down when I lost my ball."

And Mr Powell has made a difference - you can now see the tees and greens and get an idea of how the course would have looked.

Putting on the greens would be very difficult, if not impossible, but Mr Powell has found some of the original holes with the metal cups still inside...


John Llewellyn runs the Golf's Missing Links website, which lists more than 2,000 golf courses that have been lost either to nature or development. 

"Mackenzie's names are on the plans that we've seen, with his description of the course and the routing of the course and the yardages of the holes," said Mr Llewellyn.

"So it's pretty evident that he was there at that time."   Read more here

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