Padraig Harrington in isolation with mild Covid, Visited by Bill Murray


Padraig Harrington in isolation with mild Covid symptoms

Padraig Harrington, European Captain of the Ryder Cup, tested positive for Covid-19 at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am.  He immediately put himself into self-isolation.  However he is one of the lucky ones, having so far experienced only fairly mild flu-like symptoms.

"If this is my outcome, I’m actually delighted and very lucky.  If all I get from this is a couple of days of the mild flu and I don’t have any long-term effects, it’s not the end of the world. I’ll have the antibodies in my body",  he told Golfweek.

He added,  “But COVID is not to be messed with. I want to make sure to do everything I can to beat this. I know I have to do all the stuff I need to do and I am doing that.”

His isolation room is at The Lodge, overlooking Pebble Beach Golf Links first tee, not a sea view but "not too shabby" either :)

He has not lost either his sense of smell or of taste, apparently, as one of his more enjoyable experiences at the lodge was of a meal:  

"Last night I had the nicest curry I have ever had. It was just phenomenal. The coconut, the carrots, the broccoli.”

From Golfweek:

He’s also conversed with a few people – mind you, from 30-40 yards away from his second-story balcony. While no one is in either room on each side of his room, he’s still talked with a few people, including Bill Murray, who came over to chat Wednesday before the celebrity tournament that raised $1.6 million for charities.

“I’ve come to learn how important eye contact is,” Harrington said. “A little bit of eye contact is very nice. Seeing the players from afar and seeing Bill Murray and talking with him was very nice.”   Read more here

Video above is from the Irish Open last September, and includes the section where Harrington moves a tree out of the way during the opening round.

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