Tiger Woods - Looking for a Coach?

Published: 25-Jan-2018      Updated: 01-Aug-2018

Tiger Woods may be looking for a new, unique coach.  He has given a press conference leading into the Farmers Insurance Open.  One of the questions put to him was why he is without a coach at this time.  His reply is here (from video above, at 13:00):

“I’ve said it many times already, it’s just that no one’s had a spinal fusion at that level and been able to hit the ball that hard, as hard as I do.

"So I’d like to meet somebody who can swing it over 120 miles an hour with a fused back.

"Do you know anybody?

"That’s what I mean, no one understands that. So I have to rely on my own feels and play around with what my body can and cannot do.

"It’s not going to look like it used to, I don’t have the mobility that I used to and that’s just the reality.

"Now it’s just a matter of what can I do, and that’s just practicing and getting my feels and trusting, experimenting a lot to try and figure out what can this body do and how explosive can it be and how am I going to control shots with different shapes, am I going to have different feels.

"Some of that stuff is yes, some of that stuff is different and I’m still learning it.” 

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