Tyrrell Hatton & Emily Braisher Get Married - It didn't go as expected...


"Angry (funny) golfer" Tyrrell Hatton and fiance Emily Braisher's quiet, rainy day wedding

While other golfers were teeing off at the Colonial, Fort Worth two weeks ago, Tyrrell Hatton was dressing for his wedding. It did not go quite as planned, with fate having found an effective way to test Tyrrell's legendary impatience. Tyrrell's sense of humour won overall. 

From Golf Channel

“It was funny … the day wasn't very smooth,” said Hatton, who traveled to Asheville, North Carolina, with Braisher for their intimate wedding, just the two of them.

“Our driver turned up an hour late, so that meant we arrived half an hour late for our ceremony, and then because we wanted it in the Blue Ridge Parkway, and we wanted to hike up and have some nice pictures.

"Unfortunately, after finishing the ceremony, it absolutely pissed down with rain..."  Read more here, with photos


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