Golf Hub Central Coast
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Golf Hub Central Coast

Golf Hub Academy has been in the making for quite some time. Golf Hub Central Coast was built to tie all things in the golf industry together to provide better feedback to golfers and superior learning for coaches.

At Golf Hub Central Coast we have many different parts to the store and technology running it all. Custom Club Fitting, Golf Lessons, Driving Range Sessions, Play Golf indoors. Learning all the different pieces of technology out there is one thing, but effectively applying the information into Coaching, Club Fitting, Practice and your rounds of golf you need the main Hub to provide you the correct information and now there is a place for that Golf Hub. 

Golf Hub Academy is designed to create higher learning behind Coaching, Fitting, Practice, and rounds of golf for other PGA Members around Australia. Providing them with the opportunity to work with all technology needed and the Extra training to explore their own dreams of owning a Golf Hub in their areas.

Golf Hub Central Coast has been designed as if you were to own a simulator set up in your own home. With the assistance of Golf Technologies Australia people now have somewhere to visit to see how one of these unbelievable bays would look in their own home. With the new E6 Connect software, all home installations will have access to Golf Hub online tournaments and events so you could be at home playing against someone in Golf Hub creating more engagement amongst golfers.

Golf Hub Acadamy in the near future will be offering group events and lessons. Demonstrations at the store and golf trips away. We look forward to seeing you in the future so we can help you reach your goals.

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