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Leishman, Day survive stumbles at PGA Maui


Marc Leishman and Jason Day have survived scorecard blowouts that would make weekend golfers blush to be well placed at the Tournament of Champions...

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PGA leader Tway recalls freak Maui mishap


Tournament of Champions leader Kevin Tway's sensational first round comes in stark contrast to a freak accident that struck on a previous visit to ...

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Leishman bounces back from bizarre hiccup


Marc Leishman refuses to blame an experimental mid-round interview for a wild tee shot that threatened to derail his Tournament of Champions campai...

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Reed out to please at Masters dinner


Patrick Reed, who says he can't please everybody, is sure going to try when he hosts the dinner for Masters champions in April.His menu starts with...

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Big-hitting Johnson set for Maui defence


Dustin Johnson has vowed to contend in golf's major championships this year after admitting his lacklustre performance in the four big events soure...

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Aust heartbreak fuels Leishman's Maui tilt


After two near misses in Australia, Marc Leishman is fired up for this week's elite Tournament of Champions in Hawaii.The 35-year-old Victorian tea...

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Rose could reclaim No.1 spot on PGA Tour


Englishman Justin Rose could regain the world No.1 spot without hitting a shot when the PGA Tour returns.Rose is one of three notable qualifiers op...

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Leishman cool with mid-round interviews


Australian golf star Marc Leishman has given the conditional thumbs up to the US PGA Tour conducting mid-round interviews with players in a bid to ...

PGA Tour players brace for new rules


A new set of rules is set to shake up the game of golf, including leaving the flagstick in the hole while putting from the green.Golf's governing b...

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'I can reclaim No.1 this year': Jason Day


A defiant Jason Day has declared 2019 the year he can finally reclaim the world No.1 ranking.The 30-year-old Australian has targeted three facets o...